Are you videos damaging your brand?

Producing content quickly is great, I’m all for taking action, however….

Hi, I’m Verity, professional speaking coach and speaker at Sold Out Speaker.

And on the slopes today, I noticed two distinctly different types of people. One type that just did this really
basic snow plow on a straight line to get to the bottom very quickly and they did. They got down there very quickly. And the other who took a lot longer but really worked on their turns and finessing some some skill and class to getting down to the bottom of the mountain.

And I see this a lot with speaking. I critique a lot of colleagues and clients work videos. They’re video blogs for their online courses or for their websites and I know I know there’s a lot of pressure on you right now to just get it done.

Get it out there. Get it quick. You know sell it first and then whack it together really quickly later. And what I have to say to that is go the middle road because many videos that I see online are actually doing more damage than good.

You know, you can, you can actually hurt your brand by doing such a poor job of your video content. This is where your clients get to know you, where you get to attract them, where you can connect with them. You can ask them questions and that’s going to help you convert.

So, when you speak smart, you live big. It’s not about just plowing down the mountain getting there the the quickest. I think in speaking, that’s going to hurt you more than anything. We want to be great. We want to be excellent speakers and at the very least have those essentials when you’re getting something out quickly.

Catch you on the slopes.

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