Melbourne 2022 dates released:  May 26th - 27th

2 Day Speakers Bootcamp

Elevate Your Delivery Skills With World Class Trainers
Receive Live Feedback For Both Platform And Video Format Presenting
Smash Presentation Conversions With Our
Speaking Skills That Sell Tips.
Dramatically Increase your Profile, Profit...Freedom.

Here's why I've agreed to open our
2 Day Speakers Bootcamp
to the public...

This is the only course on our Double Black Diamond Speakers Program that we open to the public.

It's entirely due to the standard of speakers currently on the speaking circuit.  A vast majority of them are... WOEFUL! They sadly are horrible.  Embarassing.

But... it's not their fault.  Where do you get to practice speaking when you're a service provider?  What opportunities are you given to receive quality feedback? There are very few places to practice your presentations, and in front of your clients isn't the answer.  Yet, it's often the reality.

We are going to change that.

If you speak, or want to speak, for your business, then this is the place for you.


I invite you to book into my 2 Day Speakers Bootcamp where I reveal my Speaking Skills That Sell Tips, the 6 Dynamic Delivery Essentials and an abundance of opportunities to Implement with Specific Feedback!

($2997 $1997 - very limited time super early bird offer)

Have you been on a course where you didn't get a chance to implement?

You walk out knowing intellectually how to do things but with ZERO opportunity to practice.  Sadly most of the gold you learnt is wasted, forgotten, never attempted.

This happens far too often!  Especially with speaking courses.

My goal with the 2 Day Speakers Bootcamp is for you to implement, implement, implement!

  • We'll cover step-by-step tips for presenting GOLD, and you'll practice and deliver it.
  • We'll share secrets for audience control, and you'll practice and deliver it.
  • We'll talk about how these skills can be used to attract clients, and you'll practice and deliver it!


We will STEP YOU THROUGH (with support, warmth and...OK a bit of cracking the whip!) how to deliver a 'Million Dollar Presentation'.

Not just a good speech, workshop or video blog, not just an ‘OK’ presentation, you will leave with the secrets and tools to deliver your clients a MILLION DOLLAR PRESENTATION... (I'll tell you how Martin my client did exactly that).

A Million Dollar Presentation allows you to dramatically increase your profile, the income you earn, the freedom to work when and how you want, and ultimately, ensure that your message is delivered to your clients allowing them to achieve incredible results...

Speak Smart... LIVE BIG.

Strong client communication skills, consistent and dynamic video blogs and workshops and powerful, transforming keynotes and events... with these you truly can live a life of massive personal freedom.

Multiply Your Impact.
Explode Your Income.
Choose Your Time Off.

Give me 2 days, and I'll teach you skills to transform how you present.
These two day's are focused on IMPLEMENTATION.  You'll get an abundance of opportunities to put the skills into practice... then and there, with immediate, live feedback.
Presenting is an unbelievable way to leverage your business to 10x your profile, profit, impact and freedom, I am going to help you soar.

4 times a year, behind closed doors, an exclusive group of dynamic business owners gather for a Double Black Diamond Intensive with me. Yes, I'm a keen skier and a Double Black Diamond run is challenging, exhilarating, rewarding and exclusive - only the best skiers get to enjoy them. This name seemed totally applicable for my group of high class presenters.

We are a family, a community, driven by results. It's not like attending a course… It's an on the spot transformation.

It's definitely not a lecture. I train you to present as a relaxed conversation and that’s exactly what you get from me, I drive instant in-room results.

For 2-4 days at a time, I roll up my sleeves with my highly driven Double Black Diamond clients and we IMPLEMENT.

We Implement...

  • Delivery skills that attract your audience and draw prospects like a magnet.
  • Elite communication tools that work your audience, deepen connection, loyalty and super charge your community.
  • Sales videos, webinars and keynotes that convert prospects into clients.
  • Event-filling systems that sell-out seminars.
  • VAs, websites, all the tech we use and hacks to implement quickly and automation products that work on autopilot and flow with and match what you present.
  • Nerve buster techniques for confidence, damage control, prospect stampedes and inner peace!
  • Zero ERK... elegant selling from stage techniques that will resonate with your integrity and leave your prospects chasing you in delightful and affirming way.
  • How to set up and run online courses.
  • Leveraged presentation skills that get my Double Black Diamonds the lifestyle they desire.

But these Double Black Diamond strategies and 2-4 day Intensives are only available to a small carefully selected few.

This May, I'm running a 2-day Live Speakers Bootcamp in Melbourne, to show you exactly how to use presenting skills for video blogs, webinars, keynotes and online/hybrid events.  With dynamic delivery skills you increase your profile, explode your community, explode conversions/sales and join the top talented % of coaches/trainers and business owners who speak.

We have an amazing ticket offer...

... your ticket to the 2 Day Live Speakers Bootcamp is only $2997.

F2F 2022 we are out of COVID price lol $2997 - $997 This time only.

(Join us on our 13 week Smart Speaker Program for $3047 AND
get your ticket to this 2 Day Speakers Bootcamp FREE! Click here for details and to sign up.)

Come. Ignite. Implement.

Our trainings are intimate, fun and very hands on.

There will be NO selling AT ALL on the 2 Day Speakers Bootcamp!  Those who are hungry to know more will get the opportunity to chat with me during a break, outside of course hours. I work with business owners who know what they want and ensure they get it.

It's about finding the best fit, for the best results.

My Double Black Diamond crew are carefully selected for their hunger, drive, desire to succeed, vision and belief in their business.

Seats to this training are limited - I like an intimate dynamic group so everyone can get individual attention and immediate feedback.

100% Hot Content. Zero Waffle.

Here are the 6 Key projects we'll work on at the 2 Day Speakers Bootcamp.
Dynamic Presenter

Confidence is sexy...and sex sells! Learn the incredibly simple dynamic delivery keys to deliver a killer keynote every time and eradicate nerves.

Speech Formulas

You'll get a look at the Double Black Diamond 'Speech Blueprints' so you can write your presentation in a fraction of the time!

Speaking Skills That Sell

What skills are natural and dynamic and increase your conversions? What are the delivery styles to AVOID? We'll step you through, and give you feedback.

Video camera operator working with his professional equipment isolated on white background
Video Pres

Video presenting with presence… online video is huge, multi billion dollar market potential. We reveal the Double Black Diamond hacks so you can jump in and be blogging by lunch.

Elite Engagement

Ever wondered how top presenters have their prospects eating out of their hands, running to buy their products?? We will share with you what they do.

Mind Ninja

Stand out from the sea of business speakers with mind ninja techniques most trainers don't know about.

Get Every Drop.

This is 2 days accelerated learning of advanced techniques, so it's important you come
ready to roll…

We've already talked a bit about the event itself.

And, if you're going to be in my room, there's some prep work you need to do.

You'll receive a Laser Clarity prep sheet to fill out. This way, when you get to the Intensive, you can hit the ground running.

You'll be ready to jump straight to the advanced systems you need -- and we can plan to take your business to the next level quickly.

2 Sensational days.

The JUMP your business needs.

Because I love my training to be totally immersive and hands-on, seats are limited.

When they're gone... they're gone.

You Too Can Have Raving Fans...

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2 Day Speakers Bootcamp.

Make It Count.

26 - 27 May