If you speak online you HAVE to do it! Full permission to laugh at your own jokes 🤣😂.

What do you think? Do you already laugh at yourself?

I was recently asked the question should you laugh at your own jokes when you’re presenting?

It’s a great question. I absolutely love it. And I don’t necessarily tow the normal line with this. Now, when you’re speaking live on stage, there’s a little bit of an etiquette, you know, that you look a bit silly if you laugh at your own jokes. You should, sort of, say the joke and be, not deadpan necessarily, but don’t roar with laughter at your own joke.You know, you wait ’til the audience laughs. But what do you do when you’re speaking online ’cause there’s no audience to laugh. So, I laugh at my own jokes. I can’t help it.

Like, I think I’m quite funny. I know I’m not a funny person but at times I’ll say things and I make myself laugh. And I think that that’s needed for your audience when you’re speaking online because when we’re in an audience, the social proof is are other people are laughing, oh, that’s okay, I can laugh. It kind of gives you permission to laugh also. But when you’re online, you’re sitting there, you’re watching and when you’re on this side and you’re doing your recording, if you can say something funny and then laugh at it go, oh my gosh, you know, oh wow, I said that, that was a bit silly, then your audience gets that chance to go, oh, all right, I can laugh. That’s okay. And it just makes it more lively.

They’re not going to hear anyone else laughing around them. There is no other audience. So, I think go for it. I say be a bit of a dag, laugh at your own jokes, especially if you’re funny. Now, if you’re not funny, well that’s another story, but then your target audience, they love you for you, right? And they’ll follow you for being exactly who you are. Speak smart, live big.

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