Speaking is all about Influence – so… when you do these things you are dramatically affecting your results – your profile, your profit from conversions and how quickly you can leverage your business.

Check out these 3 presentation mistakes that really impact your sales and your influence to make sure you don’t do them.  If you do… well time to do something about it!


Today I’m going to talk to you about the 3 big mistakes that can affect your influence and your sale, whether you’re speaking live on stage, on a webinar, or to a small meeting room full of clients and customers – there are 3 big mistakes that a lot of business owners seem to make when speaking that affects their sale.

The first is not asking for permission.

You want to ask permission for your style, how you present, for your content and most importantly ask for permission for your sale. Mention that you’re going to be selling something at the end of your presentation to put everyone at ease and it really needs to be done. You can do it eloquently and with class and in a smoother way.

The second big mistake that people make is that they lose confidence.

I work with business owner after business owner and they know their stuff, they know their clients, they know the clients’ problems, they know their products and services and yet when it gets to actually having to sell their confidence level drops and this can make sense. You’re not necessarily a salesperson just because you’ve gone into business. You might be really great at what you do but the reality is if you can’t sell, you’re going to go out of business – you’re not going to be around for very long.

Every time you speak, every single time you get up to speak – you are selling! You’re selling something if not a hard and fast products and service, then you’re selling an idea, you’re selling the loyalty. You absolutely need to be confident, you need to believe in yourself, and your products, and you need to maintain that confidence the whole way – from the beginning to the end especially during your sale.

The third big mistake is around state – the emotional state.

A lot of presenters that I work with get a little weird when it comes to the time of the sale day. They feel uncomfortable, they drop their energy, they gabble or they go really, really fast – they’re changed. I’m sure that you have noticed this in others or maybe in yourself that the energy just feels different at that point of getting and when talking about the sale – you don’t want do that! You want to be the same the whole way through, relax, confident, happy, connected with your audience.

These are the 3 big mistakes that many speakers make that affects their influence and their sale when presenting. I hope you love this tip!

I would really like to hear from you what one of these 3 things has been affecting your influence, affecting your sale. Do you change your state and your energy? Does it get a little weird when you get to the sale? Perhaps you’re dropping your confidence at that point? Or you’re not asking for permission upfront in the beginning of your presentation?

Love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you speak with confidence and class.


What is the biggest mistake impacting your presenting?  Let us know below. 🙂

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