What makes you unique as a speaker?
I’m a dag 😛… and pretty sassy, both things that shape me and I own them.
What do you own and identify with to attract customers?

Hey, I’m Verity, a professional speaking coach and speaker at Sold Out Speaker. And I’m a DAG. Well, you know as you can tell by my hat here, I love it. I’m pretty quirky. I own my dagginess.

What I want to speak to you about is are you being you when you speak when you deliver your presentations? So, I want to encourage you to find something about you, which is a bit unique from the rest of your market. Have a quick look and I mean a really quick look at your competitors. What are their videos like? What are their styles like? What are they doing? And then think about do you do anything differently to them? Are you really funny? My auntie can make you know wet your pants, she’s so funny. That’s not me. I’m not so funny. I’m a dag though, and I’m really happy to wear that to be me, be cheeky and sassy and a little bit daggy and deliver information in a fun way.

What is it about you? How can you set yourselves apart from your competitors when you get out and speak? Because when you Speak Smart…you Live Big. And that’s what I want to help you do.

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