Speaking Online (Using Vlogs, Training & Sales Videos)
Is The FASTEST Way To Grow Your Business!
It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

More than 9 BILLION Videos are viewed EVERY SINGLE DAY.

(And that’s just YouTube and Facebook!)

If you want to thrive online... you need to get speaking.

And To Stand Out... You Need To Speak Well.

"Passion outshines technical brilliance, every... single... time" Verity Robins


"I walked away with even more clients!"

"Verity helped me develop my keynote over 4 sessions together.

When I delivered my presentation I not only walked away with an abundance of clients but the promoter said that the audience feedback was 100% positive. Wow!

They booked and paid for me to present again the following week (something they had never done before), and I walked away with even more clients!"

Rachael Pickworth


If you are a coach/business owner who speaks online and you are you looking for a like minded community to…


"A brilliant and talented speaker with practical and down to earth strategies and tips."

"I recently had the pleasure of seeing Verity put her talent and passion to work on the stage at a conference. Verity has an inspiring energy about her, incredble ability to bring a story of life and incorporates humour to her messaging that keeps you engaged the entire time and wanting more.

A brilliant and talented speaker with practical and down to earth strategies and tips no matter what your role is at work or in life. I am already looking forward to an opportunity to work with Verity."

Carolyn Mitchell,
Leadership, Learning and Organizational Development
– Facilitator and coach
– Mindfulness and Meditation


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"She delivers with such passion, drive and fun."

"I've just atended a workshop with Verity. She delivers with such passion, drive and fun. It was an amazing experience with heaps of value, real tips to take away and implement straight away.

If you are doing any public speaking, or are already in that arena and feel something is missing, Verity is your Go To! Thank you, Verity, was an empowering session with heaps of fun, loved it!"

Joanna Fisher, Life Coach at Mint Mind