An Online Workshop With VERITY ROBINS


Escape Time-For-Money Coaching,
Fill Your Events Quickly...Sign Whole Groups Of Clients At A Time,
And Join The Top 3% Of Coaches/Trainers Who Present...

Thursday September 17th

10am Melb/Syd - 8am WA
12pm NZ - 9.30am SA

Presented by
Verity Robins

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You’ll Discover...

  • 3 tell-tale signs that the presenting techniques you learnt are out-dated and and are actually holding you back.
  • How to stop desperately looking for ‘one more client’ and have them creating ways to work with you.
  • What’s wrong with ‘bolt on’ presentation selling and the positioning tool that signs whole groups of new clients by the end of your presentation.
  • How to convert prospects every time you present, so you speak and grow rich!
Space is limited. This online training will fill up as it is significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for.... and this training is FREE.
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