Success Stories

"Her passion and her sincere  in me has taken me places I've never thought I'd ever be."


Toastmasters D73 Convention Chairman 2012 

"Being able to communicate to people and understand their reaction. Not just people nodding but underatanding why they are reacting to what I am saying. I believe it has made a huge impact not just professionally but personally. I can fully understand why you say people need to have this information - why they need to know this kind of stuff."


Chemical Hygiene Sales Training

"I heard Verity speak at the women's conference today and she was just amazing.  She gave such great tips for anyone that wants to start the public speaking journey. I'm just starting out in public speaking so the tips she gave me are just mind blowing."

"Her passion and her sincere  in me has taken me places I've never thought I'd ever be."

"Wow! Such passion, humor, fun, vitality, feeling empowered, energized. I would recommend Verity anytime."

"I like her session. It was fun. It was energetic. I'm looking forward to work with her."

"I just heard Verity speak. Verity comes across with very genuine and kind, compassionate nature. She's very knowledgeable and engaging. For me, personally, I really resonated with her tips. We went away with actually tips that she put in place, so it wasn't just information gathering session, it was something we could practically implement as well. "

"We heard Verity do a presentation on public speaking and I just loved her use of animation, humor and  analogies that clearly highlight her passion for public speaking"

"I love listening to her workshop. It really made me realize my passion and I do always try to be authentic and speak with that passion. "

"She was absolutely amazing. She was fun to listen to. She got a point to cause and I think anybody who heard her speak would go feeling alive and happy cause she was so glad she did. "

"If I spent sometime with Verity, I would be able to speak so I can be heard."

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Testimony Carolyn
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Martin O'Connor
Adam Wydeman
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Before I completed these speaking skills, all I wanted to do was get up and get the lesson over with, I did not consider how the listeners would feel or what they would get out of it.


I learnt how to engage the listener and make my message entertaining and I now care that my listeners really learn what I am trying to teach them. I now understand that we all learn in different ways. I'm applying what I learnt so I can engage my listeners.


I now actually enjoy public speaking(!) because it is important that I achieve something and so do my listeners.


I recommend these skills highly to everyone, but you only get out what you put in.



Sharon Neven

Your findings will need to be presented in today's meeting..... And with that sentence, on came the nausea, sweaty palms and nervous stuttering. Not anymore!


Thanks to Verity's guidance, tools and tips, I have  learnt how to turn that nervousness into excitement when asked to present at meetings.


Tips like pausing regularly, using vocal variety, making effective eye contact, matching movements and even my positioning when at a whiteboard.


These tips combined with Verity's support have helped me overcome my fear of speaking & presenting at meetings, I now don't dread that sentence!



Marina Oplopiadis

Production Planning Analyst

As a professional trainer and presenter, I approached Verity to take my keynote presentation to the next level. Verity's advice about the language, structure and PowerPoint slides was spot on. The result of the keynote upgrade... a lot more training and speaking offers at higher fees! I am delighted with the outcome and thoroughly recommend Verity's program.


Kevin Kosky

‘Your teachings have been invaluable to me. It will be something that will stay with me for a long time.


I do know that my presentation skills have lifted enormously, due to your professional input. Thank you again Verity.’



John Tabone,

Business Development – Automation, NHP


The results have been fantastic!

Walking around our company you can tell the people who have been on Verity's speaking course.



Mark Skerritt
General Manager, Human Resources
NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd


Verity's Speaking Workshop is an enormously popular course within our organisation.


The last program we ran was booked out within eight minutes, which is a record for our Learning and Development Department.

Emma Richards
Learning and Organisational Development Administrator

AIG Melbourne