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1:1 Private Speech Coaching

Want to grow your business FAST... Private Speech Coaching is for you!
In our Private Speech Coaching sessions, you'll learn step-by-step strategies to avoid the fear that hold many entrepreneurs back from grabbing a chunk of the multi billion dollar online course, Fb advertising market and the mass converting reality of presenting live.
An experienced speaking coach and speaker, Verity is only too aware how much easier it is to sell high ticket products and services from stage, through video and streaming live... than traditional print channels.
In these Private Speech Coaching sessions Verity shares her most powerful speaking techniques. 1:1 direct feedback, specific to you is the answer to look, sound & feel amazing every time you present and get you results FAST!
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The Sold Out Speaker Project

If you are ready to harness your online speaking, elevate your skills and explode your online conversions, the Sold Out Speaker Project will show you how!

In this 7 Week intensive online training program, Verity shares her most powerful tools including the Speakerator Online Speech Generator, the Video Production Schedule, formulas, scripts and exact presentations to become a charismatic speaker.

She shows you how to turn your content into charismatic online presentations for websites, landing pages, adverts, online courses… FAST, so you can flood your funnel with target clients and become the go-to expert in your micro-niche.

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The Speaking Confidence Course

If you’re ready to boost your confidence when speaking and eradicate your fears, then The Speaking Confidence - Fear Busters and Confidence Creators course will show you how!
In The Speaking Confidence Course, you’ll learn step-by-step strategies to overcome the overwhelm and fear that holds many coaches back from creating and marketing their online speaking videos.  You are not alone, and... a lack of confidence is most likely hurting your business.
We will step you though practical techniques to quell fears and limiting beliefs and quickly build your confidence… the kind of confidence that has seen the Sold Out Speaker team, and our clients, win awards, competitions, convert over 80% of a room and speak before thousands of eager clients live, online and LOVE every moment of it!  You can too.
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Online Speaking Essentials Course

If you’d like to grow or launch your business using the power of Online Speaking (vlogs, sales videos, FB lives, online training), then this is the course for you!
In this Online Speaking Essentials Course, Verity shares the most powerful Essential skills needed to attract, connect and convert clients through online speaking… including the Presentation Audit and 10 Step Online Speaking Roadmap.
You’ll learn incredibly simple steps (that anyone can do, although most people don’t!) to write, deliver, film and sell your products and services to your ideal audience.
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Two High Level Empowerment Tools

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Nine Online Delivery Styles

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