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How To Frame Your Arms

Are you doing the right things with your arms when you speak? It’s quick and easy to increase your impact by framing your arms when speaking online. Here’s how… Hi Verity – Sold Out Speaker. Going to chat to you really super quick one on getting your arms in the frame. Now I’ve seen quite…

Reading From The Teleprompter

Are you using or thinking of using a TELEPROMPTER when shooting your videos??? If you are, here’s what NOT to do… Hi Verity Robins, Sold Out Speaker. I want to chat to you about reading from your teleprompter. Now, firstly I love teleprompters. They are GOLD, they are so good. I actually give them away…

Laughing at Your Own Jokes

If you speak online you HAVE to do it! Full permission to laugh at your own jokes 🤣😂. What do you think? Do you already laugh at yourself? I was recently asked the question should you laugh at your own jokes when you’re presenting? It’s a great question. I absolutely love it. And I don’t…

Verity holding a chocolate truffle

Choc Truffle Speaking

Are you a delicious chocolate orange truffle for your clients when you speak? It’s a simple tip that can make a profound difference for your sales! 🙂   What I have here is a delicious home made truffle. It’s a choc orange truffle and it’s so yum. Now, my kids and i made these before…

Verity at the snow

Speak To Match Your Brand

Are you videos damaging your brand? Producing content quickly is great, I’m all for taking action, however….   Hi, I’m Verity, professional speaking coach and speaker at Sold Out Speaker. And on the slopes today, I noticed two distinctly different types of people. One type that just did this really basic snow plow on a…

You Speaking Mood Anchor

Your Speaking Mood – Anchors

Anchors are amazing tools when speaking (especially good when you are nervous 🥰). What anchors do you use (that you didn’t even know you had!)? Hi, Verity, professional speaking coach and speaker at Sold Out Speaker, and I’m standing here in the gorgeous snow with my helmet that I ski in. I got it in…