Anchors are amazing tools when speaking (especially good when you are nervous 🥰).

What anchors do you use (that you didn’t even know you had!)?

Hi, Verity, professional speaking coach and speaker at Sold Out Speaker, and I’m standing here in the gorgeous snow with my helmet that I ski in. I got it in Canada. You can see it’s gorgeous, it’s got these maple leaves on it, it’s really beautiful. Well, this helmet is an anchor. Every time I put it on, it gets me in the zone for skiing, skiing hard for skiing fast. I need my helmet and it says, ‘Go’, and I want to know, do you have something like that?

Do you have an anchor when you speak? Is it a favorite tie, a dress, a hairstyle that when you have that, it says ‘Go’, you’re in the zone and you’re focused. Another thing that it might be, if it’s not a physical object could be a tune, so each time that I competed in America for the international speaking competition, I would play when I was standing off to the side, waiting to get on and compete, I would play a particular song in my head and it would just chill me out. It was fabulous. Do you play music in your head to get into the zone? or maybe it’s a saying, ‘Yes’, ‘You can do it’, that kind of thing. Or maybe it’s a picture, might be an image of your kids, the reason why you’re speaking online, the reason why you’re earning money, it might be your partner. It might be an image of the audience clapping. It might be an image of your client with such appreciation because you’ve helped them.

So what anchor do you use to help get you in the zone? Share it below in the comments, and if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine. I’ll tell you what my song is that always just gets me in the mood anytime before I speak.

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