Are you using or thinking of using a TELEPROMPTER when shooting your videos???

If you are, here’s what NOT to do…

Hi Verity Robins, Sold Out Speaker. I want to chat to you about reading from your teleprompter. Now, firstly I love teleprompters. They are GOLD, they are so good. I actually give them away to my Double Black Diamond clients when they join as a sneaky little surprise. Because, they are so good and they will save you So, Much, Time!

However, I’m seeing a lot of videos online of people reading their teleprompter And you can tell that they’re reading and this is BAD! This is BAD because if it looks like you’re reading, then… you’re going to lose clients because you don’t look genuine, you don’t look authentic. It looks really clunky.

Now… Should you be doing videos? YES!! 2022 is going to be massive for online videos. Every year we’re seeing more and more videos by coaches and business owners and authors online. You need to be doing that, a great way to get good at it is to use a teleprompter and to use it well. But if you’re reading… Not So Good.

So here’s the thing, you need to improve your speaking skills. I’ve written a book, Elevates Speaking, Elevate Profits! Which is exactly the way that it is, the better a speaker, the more profits you will make.

I encourage you to get that book because it will teach you different levels of the speaking ladder. It will improve your skills out of sight, And then, of course we’ve got a whole lot of other programs to help you implement those skills such as techniques for using a teleprompter, for framing with your teleprompter for looking relaxed and wonderful.

I encourage everyone to Speak Smart because they will LIVE BIG! And I really want that for you too.

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