Are you doing the right things with your arms when you speak?

It’s quick and easy to increase your impact by framing your arms when speaking online. Here’s how…

Hi Verity – Sold Out Speaker. Going to chat to you really super quick one on getting your arms in the frame.
Now I’ve seen quite a lot of sales videos on landing pages where we’re only seeing the top half of the person.
And what it means is that gestures that start down lower or are down lower aren’t getting in at all. And so every now and then you’re getting a waving hand popping up. It really detracts.

It’s nowhere near as powerful as actually getting down to. Your hips are a bit lower in the shot. So that you’re seeing the whole gesture that it’s coming from here. That is pointing that we’re getting to see a whole gesture. So, when you’re filming your blogs, when you’re filming your website videos, when you’re definitely filming your sales videos… Make sure that you FRAME IT so that you’re getting your gestures in, because gestures help CONNECT and GRAB your audience. When we can ATTRACT and grab our audience, then we can get to a place where we can CONVERT, and that’s what we want! We want to convert, convert, convert!

Now, I teach a lot more about how to use gestures and how to frame up your shot in our SMART SPEAKER 13 week program. As it’s the beginning of the year. We’ve got a really FABULOUS offer going for that program and as the beginning of the year only last a short while. It’s not going to be around for very long. So if you want to check that out, Let us know. Message Us.

We’ll send you the details and keep your hands in the frame. Speak Smart… LIVE BIG!

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