Engage – Sexy Speaking Skill… Stripping!

Ok, yes… I’m cheeky and yes sex sells… but what I’m talking about here are 3 powerful techniques to help you engage your audience quickly and with greater command and clarity.

I haven’t had enough sleep and I’m already a rather excitable person (ok extremely excitable) so be prepared for a quick talking, passionate blog.

What do you need to strip?   We all have something.  For me I need to strip my hyper excited words…. well not entirely, I just need to remember to rotate the excitable words I use.  Lately I’ve been using ‘Excellent’ far too much!  Time to strip baby 🙂  What do you need to strip?

If you want to look sexy when you speak (frankly who doesn’t!!) then check this tip out now…  for public speaking that rocks!



I just got off the phone with a client talking about something that I covered in my Million Dollar presentation 2-days seminar a couple of months ago about a skill which fits in with this level here, Peak Engagement which is such an easy skill and a skill which is sexy and let’s face it, public speaking is sexy – right?!

I would love to share this skill with you very quickly, right now – let’s go!

The sexy skill is called “stripping”…
And yes, it completely and utterly applies to every single time that you present and speak. Now, it is exactly what it sounds like, you are literally stripping but we’re talking about:
• what you’re saying…
• how you’re saying it…
• how you present…

Those are the 3 areas, let’s cover them really quickly!

Firstly, you want to strip back what you’re saying because less is so definitely more when it comes to presenting and I’m sure you’ve seen this, speakers who waffle on and on and put in so much superfluous information:
• they lose their audience…
• they lose engagement…
• they lose the connection…
• and it affects conversions – absolutely!

If you want to be really hot when it comes to converting and to having a presence on stage, they strip up back. Here’s the tip; if you write out your presentation, I don’t necessarily encourage that, but if you do write it out then slash it by half. Pretend that you have half the time. If you just do dot points, which is what I encourage you to do, then have your dot points run through it and time yourself and then slash it by half.

You end up with powerful presentation, a really power presentation. Hitting the key points without all the waffle, without all the extra stuff that often we cram in there because we think we need to. I would rather have you finish under time in a really strong and powerful, presentation and engages to your audience than got to time or overtime and lose half of your audience through being – boring. Yes, don’t be boring!

Stripping helps to stop you from being boring!

One, strip back your info. Two, strip back how you present.

Instead of rocking, which my client that I just spoke to has an issue with, you stand and you plant and you look at your audience in the eye and you tell them what your power points are. You only move when you need to! Use descriptive gestures when you need to, because it enhances what you’re saying otherwise, don’t move – stay still! Strip it back!

That’s strip back what you say, strip back how you present, and the third one is to strip back the way in which you present it.

In Australia this isn’t such a big problem and yet I do have clients who have this issue and that is they’re putting voices at different times. I’m not a big fan of that. In a competition speech go for it, in a corporate or a business presentation where you’re selling to your customers and clients – just be you! Be natural, have the natural vocal variety. You’d definitely want highs and lows, you want state change, and you achieve that through your voice – yes, but strip back all of the extra added stuff which perhaps isn’t authentic and isn’t really you.

There you have it; Peak engagement, it’s a way to engage your audience so much more powerfully.

1. Get mega results when you strip your presentation, get rid of the extra info which isn’t required which is superfluous.
2. Get rid of the extra movements that just distract and detract from what you’re saying so that you can be a really strong, powerful presence.
3. Get rid of the vocal aspects which are not helping you appear strong and powerful and the best presenter that you can be.

There you have it, I just had to get that done today because I’m passionate about it. We should all be stripping when we speak and I’m really happy to tell you more about this. I’d love you to like us and leave comments, what is it that you need to strip because I dare say that there’s a whole lot of other people that share the same things that you need to do also.

I look forward to seeing you speak with confidence and class.

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