Ever felt worried that you just don’t look/sound good enough when presenting?  Maybe you missed opportunities to speak to your clients/prospects because you felt you didn’t look the part… too old, young, overweight, unattractive?  Or don’t sound the part… loud, slow, accent, squeaky or quavery voice?

You are not alone.  However, this is sabotaging your business, your success.

What if I told you that it didn’t matter how you looked… that you can engage and enrapture your audience every time you speak so they won’t care what you look/sound like.

Want to know the secrets?  Check out this 3 min blog and let me know what you think.  And when you are ready to act, check out the Million $$ Presentation intensive page, I’ll help you personally implement the skills.

Have you seen a presenter that was so amazing it didn’t matter how they looked/sounded?

I’d love to tell you about a guy that I met on training course, this training course was 12-days long.
It was really intensive so we had the 2-days off in the middle, its 12-days out of the 2-weeks and we had the same male trainer for the full 12-days. Now this guy turned up every day in the same bowling, peely, old jumper. For 12 days, every day – same jumper. Not only was it the same jumper, this jumper had a big stain right down the front over his, what we call in Australia “beer gut“. So he had a fairly unattractive stomach or tummy, and not great hair. He just didn’t dress to impress at all.

Why do I want to talk about this guy? I find a lot of my clients get very hang up on needing “to look an image as a speaker” to look sexy.

• I’m not tall enough…
• I’m not thin enough…
• I’m not good looking enough…
• I don’t like my voice…
• Or I have physical issues…

Whatever it might be, I want to share with you that it doesn’t matter!
It doesn’t matter, you’ve got to get over that!

You’ve got to move past the things that you don’t think fit you in the molder, looking stunning or whatever it might be. You’ve got to get past it, because when you present powerfully, when you present with passion, and confidence, and competence that is attractive!
That is what is sexy!
That is what your audience wants to buy!

Now this guy, 12-days same smelly, dirty jumper, bad hair and I tell you what, after a couple of days, I didn’t care! The guy was a “God” of the information. He was so passionate he knew his stuff it was damn attractive, it was so hot! I wanted to learn from him, I wanted to give him my money to study with him because we are attracted primarily to confidence and competence, now yes, absolutely add the layers on; look smart, dress well, make sure that you’re clean. I’m not encouraging you to turn up at a smelly, old, dirty jumper every day however, what I want you to know is, that you can be a really sexy speaker no matter how you look!

There is no excuses! I just really want to encourage you to get out there to speak smart and live big, I am passionate about helping you speak and grow rich.

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