Are you a delicious chocolate orange truffle for your clients when you speak?

It’s a simple tip that can make a profound difference for your sales! 🙂

What I have here is a delicious home made truffle. It’s a choc orange truffle and it’s so yum. Now, my kids
and i made these before I came skiing and what we needed is more veggies but what we wanted was a delicious
choc orange truffle.
And it really just got me thinking about your speaking and your clients, so often we’re presenting to our clients what we know they need. Really we want to package up ourselves, our content, our presentations, our online blogs, as little delicious bite size choc truffles of what they want.

What is it that your clients want from you?

Package it up. So it’s irresistible. And then they’ll want to eat it. And they’ll want to come back for more and then you can give them what they need.

Speak smart… Live big.
So Good!

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