Benefits of Speaking

Should You Be Posting Video Blogs Online?

In this 1.44 blog, Sold Out Speaker lead trainer Kevin Kosky sums up what the benefits of speaking are beautifully ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.

Hello, Verity Robins from SOLD OUT SPEAKER. I’m here with one of my lead trainers,Kevin Kosky. And we were talking about “What are the BENEFITS OF SPEAKING IN 2022?”

What do you think, Kev?

You know, one of the things that I find is MOST IMPORTANT is “SPEAKING is a form of media.” And there’s all sorts of media; We have Print media, of course the Written media and we have Social media.

But, SPEAKING as a media, is THE MOST POWERFUL MEDIA that you can use because what they see is what they get!

And of course as a coach, you’re showing, you’re demonstrating yourself and that is the most powerful thing that YOU CAN DO.

And that way our audience gets to KNOW US and LIKE US, and TRUST US. And then the next step is that They BUY FROM US.Which is what we want.

And talking of buying, of course, it becomes a very POWERFUL sales tool because you’re selling yourself, and you’re PRESENTING YOUR SKILLS, you’re showing who you are. And of course that’s the best thing. And the final thing of course is that everyone expects you to be able To present online these days.


And you’ve got to do the PREPARATION to get ready for that because there’s a lot of different online platforms. Like Zoom for an example, Goto Webinar, there’s a number of these sorts of platforms, and you have to be ready to know how to work with them.

So true, completely agree. So make sure that you speak in 2022. GET SPEAKING. INCREASE YOUR SPEAKING.
And you know where to come when you want to do that. In fact, the best place to start would be JOIN our SOLD OUT SPEAKER facebook community where you can talk all things SPEAKING.

Sounds great, Verity.

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