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Promote – 3 Ways To Get Bums On Seats At Your Events

It’s one of the biggest problems business owners face…. how do you get prospects along to your events, and how to you keep them coming back?

When you are presenting, here are 3 ways to Get Bums On Seats…


You may well be like many of the business owners that I work with who are fabulous at what they do. Really red hot, great business, great products, you know your stuff, you know your customers, you’re good at what you do and yet – getting bums on seats especially if you have something that you run regularly like a seminar, or a workshop, or a webinar where you don’t want to… saturate your community, your client audience that you’ve already got you want to try and find a new audience you want to keep on having people coming back then that can be a problem. Here’s 3 ways to get bums on seats.

The first one is you want to go wide.

You need to be not only promoting to your list; Emails – emails are still the biggest red hot way if you have a community to get people to your events because they know you, they are warm, they are a great way as your prospect list to get bums on seats. Also on authority websites, social media like LinkedIn and Facebook that’s one way. You also want to consider paid Facebook ads, Google ads or even joint ventures.

Don’t just look at one avenue to get bums on seats – go wide!

The second thing that you’d want to do to get bums on seats for your event is to be entertaining.

There are many ways to deliver information and speaking in a monotone the whole time and just reading from a book is a way that is not going to get people coming back!

If you want people coming back then be entertaining! Use stories, use experiences that connect and relate with your audience so at their seats they’re going “Wow, this is so interesting – this is fascinating!” They’ll want to come back, they’ll want to tell other people.

Be entertaining when you present, every time you present no matter how small the meeting or webinar or how big – make it count.

The third way is to add value.

Have your content be so red hot that they wouldn’t want to miss your next event. That they’d tell everyone “Wow I learned this such and such and gosh they really kicked it! It was fabulous value!” If you marry good value, with being entertaining when you present then you would’ve nailed loyalty. The people that come to your event will come back and they will tell people and it ripples out without you having to do any marketing if you can nail this two. Then when you add to that the power of multiple streams of promotions, wow – force to be reckoned with!

So there’s 3 ways to get bums on seats. I would also like you to tell use which of these ways do you need to work on more right now to make your next presentation more successful, to get more bums on seats for your business – we would love to hear. Post below, we’d love to help.

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I look forward to seeing you speak, with class and confidence.

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